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FarrierBell Fashions 


FarrierBell Fashions was established in the year of 2004 by award winning designer Alex Holliman who created the brand to honor his late great-grandmother, Ruth Farrier Jackson, and his late grandmother, Tillie Bell Holliman. The brand is well-known for its evening and formal attire that’s suitable for any glamorous occasions.

Our loyal customers trust us with their once in a lifetime events because we understand the creative sensibility that makes our designs stand out from the rest. We use high-quality fabrics that graciously embellishes form fitting and flowing silhouettes. We take great pride in creating breathtaking formal dresses for all occasions so we can serve our customers throughout their major life experiences; from homecomings, proms to weddings.

Why settle for off the rack when you can have custom made garments specially designed for you?
We understand that women today want to express themselves through their fashion. Our attention to these details, our stunning designer dresses, and our dedication to customer satisfaction has set our business apart from the competition.