1. Complete the required information below. 

2. Email your inspired ideals, sketches, images to: alex@farrierbell.com (please understand designs from other designers are used as inspirations only)  

3. You will receive an email with your scheduled phone consultation within 72 hours (3 days).

4. Your PayPal invoice for your deposit will be emailed along with our company policy agreement.

5. Local residents are scheduled for measurements non-Georgia residents will be sent our measurement chart have it completed by your local professional and returned to alex@farrierbell.com

6. Production begins this process can take 3-6 weeks, during your consultation designer can estimate your time frame.

7. local residents a fitting will be scheduled.

8. Once garments are completed you will receive your final invoice in which you will have  7 days to complete.

9. Orders are pickup or shipped.    


Custom Dress Inquiry 
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